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Hey everyone!

I wanted to give a short status update! First of all, sorry for not being around a lot. I am very, very busy at work. On top of that, I want to finish one of my other projects ASAP since it concerns my hobbies (photography) a lot. It’s a WordPress gallery plugin that is specializing on photo blogging. The base functionality is there, but I need to do some more work on indexing and searching of photos & locations. From what I can see, the stuff should not be too complicated, so I do not expect it to take a long time, but with the current work situation, it’s hard to make accurate predictions.

Those of you who have been around a while know by now maybe that I am working in batches or spurts, meaning I do a lot for some time on one project, then take a break to work on something else, then come back for more. I know that there are some to-do’s on the server, and I hope you all can work around the issues. If there is something where you are not sure if I know about it, please just send me a ticket. I keep all tickets in my inbox until I have time to fix it, even if I do not reply right away. It’s very helpful if you let me know.

Something that I saw today that really reflects how I am working on the server (from the Oatmeal, click image to view source).

3So for those who are interested, I wanted to share what happened in the meantime with my photography hobby, since it seems I have reached a kind of milestone with my underwater photography: My photos are online on my website (for which I develop the aforementioned WordPress plugin), but I have been sharing now every single day since January one photo on Instagram. With that, I will reach today 800 followers because of a photo that I shared yesterday which reached over 430 likes. Considering that my best photos so far only had maximum ~200 likes, this is quite a difference, specially because the high ranking photos so far were more popular subjects such as Octopi. I am not sure why this spike in likes happened, but I am quite happy about this as you can imagine. I assume that there was some kind of critical mass in my followers count that allowed me to get ranked higher in the Instagram feeds.

Anyhow, the wordpress plugin that I am writing has one main purpose, and the same as so many things I wrote for this server here: To reduce the amount of manual work that has to be done. So my hope is that once I consider it as finished (if there is such a thing in software), I can come back to fix and enhance stuff here again.

Thanks for your patience!

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  1. your photos always look amazing and i love that you have fun doing your hobby, try not to wear yourself out

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