Minecraft 1.10

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have made the needed preparations for minecraft 1.10. The new blocks will be tradeable in the shop as soon as we ca upgrade.

I do not expect this upgrade to have any issues. We should be ready to go as soon as the new spigot version is released which should be sometimes before the weekend is over.

Will announce when it happened.

10 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.10

  1. I surely hope no world reset is justified by this update. Hopefully the new villages will generate in unexplored parts of the DL, and the new mobs will spawn in the already generated biomes.

  2. Great news. Yes, I suppose it’s not the reason to reset worlds.

    • Judging by Spigot site, they are done with upgrade. So, as soon as the owner has time…

      • Yeah, I read some report that someone installed an early version of it and all the item frames no the server disappeared. They also still say that you should be updating multiple times a day. I wanted to give them some time to become more stable. Will upgrade in the next 2 hours.

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