Minecraft 1.11 server is live!

We are now live with minecraft 1.11! I did some rough testing and added all the new blocks and items to the system so they can be traded in the shop. Before trying to sell or buy any of the new blocks, please try to deposit one of them and then withdraw it. If that works, they are safe for trading.

have fun!

8 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.11 server is live!

  1. withdrawing from deposit does not work at all. not with shulker box nor diamond, etc.

  2. Hi Unc, When I entered the end portal I got stuck in limbo and I dont see anything and I cant move.
    And now the server crashed. :(

    Sorry, The_Cave_Ninja

  3. Hi Unc, I am not sure if this problem is with 1.11 but I was helping a guest out and she said the lot warp command was not working. Can you try to fix this.

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