Inventory system overhaul

As you might now, we have had recently issues with the inventory system. The problem was that the system we used was not updated beyond the changes of the last several Minecraft versions, which resulted in several bugs, specially in newer complex items such as shulker boxes, banners etc. 

So the pressure to switch to another system was growing and now I am working on it. There are multiple issues however: 

  • We have too many old users. With so many users to convert to the new system, the server never finishes the process. So I had to purge all inventory of users who did not login in the last 200 days.
  • The old system was more flexible, as it allowed to block sharing specific items such as ender chests between specific worlds. Since the new system does not allow this, I had to block ender chest sharing between all worlds.

The whole thing is still in testing. I am trying to get the most out of you while inconveniencing as few people as possible. Please be patient. 


5 thoughts on “Inventory system overhaul

  1. I am having spamming muting issues, which seem to take place since you changed it :)

    • This must be from changing the chat plugin (see older post). I now relaxed the spam settings of the new plugin, please let me know if the issue persists.

  2. lost everything in the ender chests in all worlds.. dunno if this is just in testing or what.

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