Lama & Polar Bear Eggs now in the lottery!

For your info, Lama and Polar Bear eggs are now part of the lottery.

They can be won within the 1% chance to win an animal egg. There are 14 types of eggs in there, so it’s a slim (one 14th of a percent) chance, but they are out there!

Thanks a lot to alleywig for proposing this and also contributing the fix!

3 thoughts on “Lama & Polar Bear Eggs now in the lottery!

  1. 14? Mule, Donkey, Cow, chicken, sheep, pig, horse, mooshroom, wolf, ocelot, polar bear, llama, squid, villager… yep. That’s 14.

    Don’t forget, polar bears are now in there too!

    Next project with that is to make the Zombie Horse as rare as a deposit box.

  2. Is a deposit box as low as 1/15% though? If so, I should have just added zombie horses too! lol!

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