New instant withdraw function for depositbox!

There is another new function that I am rolling out right now: Hover & click functions in game text. Some of this was depending on NBT (see the previous posts).

The first implementation is for the depositbox and the shop. You can now hover over enchanted items to see their properties. The Enchanted items are listed now in blue.

Secondly, the depositbox now has buttons to instantly withdraw items, no typing needed anymore. If an item has only one in stock, there will be one button to withdraw it, and if there are more than one there is a second button to withdraw only one of them.

You can hover over the blue buttons to withdraw them.


More functionality like this will follow over the next weeks. If you have proposals on how to do mouse-overs or click functions, please let me know and I will see if I can implement them.

3 thoughts on “New instant withdraw function for depositbox!

  1. Could this be used to click on a players name to message them?

    • Well, not in chat since we don’t control that. I can change only things that are returned from commands so far.

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