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Hey everyone, I am (once again) asking for everyone’s help: As you know, we have a web interface for the store and deposit. These show you icons of the blocks and items that are out there. right now, I am storing the URL for each image in a file. The images come directly from the minecraft wiki. The issue here is that a lot of items such as potions do not have a dedicated image for each variety. Also, it’s a burden on the system for having so many different individual images.

So what is better? It’s better to have one single file with all the icons, and to tell the browser which part of the file to show instead. In order to do that however, I need to know which block and item is at which position of the image.

It’s better to have one file and tell the website which part of the file to show.

  1. So here is the file with all the icons and numbers on the sides.
  2. And here is an excel sheet with all the locations, mirroring the file.
  3. And here is my file with all the item names.

What I need now, is someone who helps me to take an item name, find the item on the in the list (above point 3) (e.g. the “stone” in ” stone => array( ” ), find it in the image (above 1) and put the name in the correct field on the excel sheet (above 2).


  • Please make sure that you do not use the excel rows and numbers (1,2,3 / A,B,C) but the red colored one, starting with 0.
  • If you are unsure about an item, please color it red and leave a comment on the field what it might be confused with.
  • If an item is a sub-type for something (such as colored items, please add the number from the beginning of the line with a colon after the actual name. Example: stained glass has a orange variety, the text in the file is here. For the orange glass, the text should be stained_glass:0 (NOT orange_glass)
  • If you are unsure if you have the right item, you can for exaple search in the excel file if it exists already somewhere else.
  • if an item has avail => false, in it, you can skip it.
  • You can skip potions, fireworks, banners and damaged items

Thanks a lot for the help!


2 thoughts on “Help wanted!

  1. Pay attention to the 3rd bullet point under Hints. Someone is updating the sheet incorrectly.

  2. I just entered what I found missing up to 30J/28/9 (oak stairs), if somebody who knows what they’re doing could have a look and confirm I’ve done it right so far I’ll keep going ^.^
    PS: Am the salt shaker AKA Nahtanha Rogers on gmail, entered comments on the two I had to do some guesswork on

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