Slabs now disabled in the nether

Since we just had the 2nd instance where someone laid a massive (6-digit) amount of slabs in the nether to modify spawning behavior, I have now blocked all slabs from being placed in the nether.

For those who do not know, slabs prevent mobs from spawning. But the server will still try to spawn them and just cancel the spawning once it detects that there is a slab on the location. So it will try again and again at very high speed, which lags the server massively. So please don’t do it over large surfaces. In any world.

8 thoughts on “Slabs now disabled in the nether

  1. Not sure this is the best approach. There are some who want to make builds in the nether and eliminating slabs would be extremely detrimental to doing design work there. Additionally, more regulations tend to turn off newcomers.

    If a /rules list were made it would eliminate any reason for explanation (I find myself explaining why rules exist more than I would like) and act as a formal piece of documentation to hold those who disobey accountable.

    • See the issue here is that causing lag is not an easy topic. If I made a /rules page in-game that includes all possible things people are not supposed to do, it would fill a bunch of screens.

      The only thing I could think might be useful would be a command that lists the most important ones. If you have a specific list of rules that you need to repeat to new users over and over again, we can make something concise.

      The trouble with the slabs in the nether is that it happened only twice and first time was even an Elder who did it. But it’s likely to crash the server at one point. It’s not that easy to figure out how to prevent rare things that have however a big impact.

  2. Does any block on which mobs cannot spawn create the same issue? For example, if you covered a large area of Nether with glass or stairs, would it create lag?

    • That’s a great question, dani. I think perhaps upright stairs could be a problem, but not glass. The partial section of air on slabs and stairs might give the game a hard time. Although, I doubt the game would have problems with stairs since entities would most likely spawn with at least one foot on the solid top step.

      Since glass is registered as an air (non-opaque) block when it comes to plausible entity spawning I don’t think glass would be an issue. A slab is half-opaque when placed on the bottom half of a block, meaning the game engine may try to put an enitity there but an argument stating entities cant spawn on air would cancel that action. The game engine cannot currently spawn entities on half of a block since the whole game is metered on single blocks at the moment.

  3. The more abstract rules in a list would be most pertinent. Some rules would guard users as well as the server. This could be titled “Rules of Thumb” or something to imply they aren’t the full list.

    > Check /tps. If you make a redstone machine that costs the server 1 ticks per second don’t use it. Never leave redstone loops on. Always turn off redstone.

    > Check /tps if you walk into your farm area as well. A cost of 1 tps when turned on is unacceptable. Always turn off redstone. Farms shared across lot boundaries follow the same rule.

    > If the /tps is below 15, do not attempt to bridge over lava or the void… or a pit of hostile mobs.

    > Nether ceiling is off limits. Do not try to set a home within 15 blocks of the nether ceiling.

    > Do not place slabs anywhere as a means to disable mob spawning.

    > NEVER jump into the End Portals in the Darklands. You will break yourself and the server.

    > Do not place a large amount of entities in one area. Entities can be potion blasts, fireworks, arrows, chests, item frames, or any type of mob. If entities cost .5 tps when loaded you must change the situation.

    > Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden. If you operate more than one account on the server you will be removed. This causes high risks of exploitation that we cannot allow.

    > Causing lag with loopholes (such as with an unregulated mobs) is punishable. One example: You do not need a 100-wolf army.

    > Do not fall down a hole on another lot with your horse, you will lose that horse.

    • This reminds me that I can now write code myself to prevent the nether home issue.
      Also, I was not aware we have unregulated mobs. We should be able to prevent those with settings as well.

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