All old forums imported!

I managed now to import all old forum posts in to the new forum system.
There was an issue with the new forum trying to update all unread counts every time I moved something over.
This took forever on my system and the forum page would not come up for up to 20 minutes.
I am not sure how to fix it so that it updates the unread counts for a user without taking so much time.
However I am also not sure if anyone else has that problem.

If you are having issues, please let me know and I will try to find a solution.

3 thoughts on “All old forums imported!

  1. The new forum wont come up… I need to let u know something….. I caught on fire and then died!! And then I went back to where I died less than a minute later and all my stuff was gone!! My enchanted armour, enchanted elytra, enchanted tools, enchanted sword, enchanted bow, everything!! Any help would be great!!

    • Sorry, I made a temp fix to the forum, should come up now. Hope I can fix this issue long-term.

      When you catch fire, there is a chance that your stuff burns up as well no?
      Anyhow, there seems to be since some time now already an issue with stuff disappearing very quickly in case you die in a place where there is nobody. Unfortunately, so far I was unable to pinpoint where this comes from and how to avoid that.

      I will need to do some complex testing with an alternate server to find out what is causing that. Right now, I don’t have a fix for that I am afraid, sorry.

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