Bug reporting / Bug bounty

I have just discovered that there are several things broken on the server and nobody told me about it. I doubt that nobody has realized those so far, so I have to assume that the people who saw the issue either assumed I know about them or made the decisions not to tell me for one or the other reason.

I would like to put a message out there regarding those bugs:


Please do not think that I am busy and should not be bothered! I can manage my time myself. If you tell me about a bug, I will make my own decision when to fix it.

In order to encourage bug reporting, I want to introduce a bug bounty program. Essentially I will put all bugs that are known into the GitHub issues page and if someone reports something that is not in there yet, I will give an award. There might be several tiers, depending on the severeness of the bug.

Please tell me what you think can be good rewards for bug reporting that encourage people to report stuff but are not so generous that they break the in-game economy.

2 thoughts on “Bug reporting / Bug bounty

  1. Thanks for all you do! If I were to suggest awards, maybe a free home, deposit slot or a free vanity for a duration?

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