Lot regeneration decision

So I just now ventured into a snapshot of the 1.13 version and generated a world with the same seed as our Empire. The world looks pretty much identical to ours. I think the main differences are only the ones which are already introduced before 1.13. There are however some upcoming changes that are planned in 1.13 which are not active in the snapshots yet, such as Magma blocks in underwater ravines and coral reefs in ocean biomes.

So since the 1.13 is generally quite similar but introduces some changes, I made the decision to wait with the regeneration of the empty empire lots until the 1.13 release so that we get those changes as well, specially because the rest of the world will most likely fit in 100%.

If the edges between occupied lots (which will stay the same) and empty lots (which I will then re-generate with 1.13 version) will be seamless, I will consider to do the same for the kingdom, possibly also Aether.

We can consider regenerating the darklands as well, specially to have the corals more accessible, but I am not 100% decided on that one yet. I will first do the general server upgrade, then the empty lot reset and then we can decide if it’s worth it to regenerate the darklands as well with some time to prepare for it to salvage existing structures such as rails etc.

Hope that is fine with everyone.

8 thoughts on “Lot regeneration decision

  1. I love all this, and am really excited. I know we worked hard on the current Darklands, but I’m all for a new one with these changes

  2. Dibs on a new island near the spawn. I cant bear to lose my DL island home!

  3. We all have a lot of fun making the vast tunnel system and parks of this tunnel system. It turned into a huge group project. It was the most fun I had on this server with working with everyone. Some of the people who worked on the tunnel project started as soon as they joined the server and it was a great way to meet and work with them. It was a lot of work but I look forward to the next new DarkLands. More unexplored lands to discover and tunnel through.

  4. I tend to agree with you.. a new DarkLand sounds like a lot of fun. Let’s just make sure there’s proper delay between the publication of the firm decision and the actual reset, so that everyone has time to take stuff out. I know I would like to dismantle a couple of installations :^p

    • BTW.. “The player will be able to breathe while in the bubble columns”.. ouch, that hurts! I know MC science is sometimes particular, and I understand the logic that makes you able to breathe next to a ladder, but come on guys.. bubbles that form with heat are 100% water vapor, players should not be able to breathe in there, they should be harmed by the temperature!

      • On how hot that would be, we should be able to boil eggs and cook meat in there too.

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