1.13: Items floating!

As you know by now, 1.13 is around the corner with some quite drastic changes to the way a lot of base game mechanics are working. Specifically, Items will float: This means that you can transport items vertically upwards in a water column. Interestingly, stuff dropped into 1-block high water with air below still falls through. It seems that a transport is best done with a dropper at the base of the water.

Anyone has a better way to insert items into a water column? Will you change your mob farms?

8 thoughts on “1.13: Items floating!

  1. I probably will only change what stops to work. I hope that items that come in running water over a hopper will still be dragged into the hopper and will not stay up floating..

  2. I’ve rebuilt most of my farms already. I am debating on using the floating items as an elevator but need to test for loss and speed. No idea yet on how to rebuild my 6 way spider spawner, but I saw a cool idea using beds with water streams to move mobs in a flat line.

  3. I just downloaded the latest snapshot.. now all undead mobs won’t float or swim. That means all zombie/skelly spawner set-up water elevator will cease to work.. food for thought ;p

    • its more environmentally friendly to kill at source than transporting mobs. Think about the environment!

    • That absolutely ruins most xp farm falling designs.. thanks, mojang.

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