5 thoughts on “Today’s development updates

  1. Still not doing great. The links work, but they do not always appear.

    In particular if you want to vote a bit earlier than the day before, they don’t appear on the web page if you’re logged in. I had to log off to see the links and be able to vote (most sites allow you to vote with less than 24h cool down, they probably just make sure you only vote once per calendar day).

    • Well that’s as intended, so not a bug. I don’t think I can adjust to the sites treating each timer differently. What I can change is that the links will always be shown but it will split them in 2 sections, those that you voted already in the last 24 hours and the rest.

      • If it’s working fine for the majority of the others then don’t bother changing it just for me.. it would make me feel bad ;p

        In the current state of things, I’ve rebuilt myself a folder of shortcuts in my navigator and will use them instead of the links on the webpage. Or I’ll just use the log off/log in trick.

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