Darklands Reset Update

Looking at the latest snapshots and the dramatic changes in the underwater landscape with Ravines, Ruins and caves, I have decided that we will, with 100% certainty, reset the darklands after the next version upgrade.

Ideally, of course, we would do this at the same time when the server gets upgraded. I do not know how long it will be until the new version will be ready, there are still several announced features missing in the latest snapshots. It can be well 1 or even 2 months until then. However I want to give everyone enough time to salvage their stuff from the darklands, so there is the announcement that there will be a reset. In the hopes that we will be ready to erase the current darklands once the new version comes out, please go ahead and clean out your stuff. Please note that this is not a permission for griefing what was built by individuals. If stuff is used by the community, please make sure that it will be given back to the community.

11 thoughts on “Darklands Reset Update

  1. Awesome news :)

    Next logical question is: will it be with the same seed or different seed?

    Same seed:
    -> Current spawn is right next to a huge Ocean
    -> Existing nether portals will lead to the same stuff (although since the ocean is changed, I suspect the ocean monument’s location might change)

    Different seed:
    -> Renewed discovery experience

  2. I will start working on taking down the parks. As the parks are stripped I will close them off to the tunnels for safety issues, would not want a creeper to get on the tracks. The lights in the tunnels will be replaced with lit magma blocks, easier to get but will still leave the tunnels lit and safe. The tracks will go last. I have a lot set up to store the DL stuff gathered and use for the public DL builds. I will be giving others perm for this lot as we go. People that have helped with the building of this DL.

    A lot of work was put into this DL. I believe that this was the best DL yet. New friends made, new builds and blocks. The tunnel system is incredible and Luke is working on a new plan for the next tunnel system, currently being tested on this DL. It was great how so many came together to work and make this DL as good as it is.

    I remember when I first started playing and how the DL was a place where you ran in, grab blocks, and ran out. There has been a lot of changes and even with this DL being difficult, the tunnel system lets people get safely to where they need to go before having to fight the mobs for the stuff.

    I have had a ton of fun on this DL and will miss it but look forward to the new DL. New blocks, new builds, new adventures.

    Happy Building. Happy Adventuring.

    • FYI I have retrieved my exploration maps of the DL spawn area (in 256 blocks maps) and huge spawn ocean (in 1024 blocks maps). They’re currently at my kingdom base and will be installed at Riedi’s maps museum for good memory (it’s in King_S7 or King_S8 I’m not quite sure which).

      • To be honest Steph, that building is not a map museum. There must be a misunderstanding on your side :) It’s my library tower. I store all my enchanted books in there and some other valuable stuff… I’m not very much keen on people would just walk around in there :)

        • Oooh okay.. yes, I was mistaken then, sorry about that. Anyway, I might aswell find a place for them at the Savana Tower then, or in the Ox Tower, or in the future DL spawn (I have a double of all maps).

          • ja :) or we still have the TinTin Rocket that offers loads of space and is already connected with a nice subway from spawn ;)

  3. Thanks for the confirmation and the reset. We really appreciate everything you do running this most awesome server.

    The last Darklands reset was the most fun I’ve ever had in Minecraft, and I’m so excited about a new one!

  4. Update on the clean up of blocks in the Darklands. All parks have been cleaned. Some blocks are left in the closed parks and anyone is free to scrounge around it get what is left in the parks, but at your own risk. The safe houses at the end of each rail line have been cleaned out. Please be careful at the end of the lines. There have been reports of mobs having rave parties in these areas, creepers are real bad at this. All of these blocks are being stored at an area designated as the Darklands storage. These blocks will be reused in the building of the new darklands tunnels, safe houses, parks, ect.

    I am currently pulling the sea lamps from the rail tunnels and putting down magma blocks for lighting. I am about 2/5 done on the light swapping. Please do not step on the magma blocks for they will cause burn damage to you. I have noticed in several areas along the tunnels that people have destroyed glass and the walls to get out of the tunnels to search for supplies. All I ask when you do this is to close up behind you and not to go through the glass. Leaving these areas open alow mobs to get in and it would suck for a person riding the rails in with a full load to run into a creeper. These tunnels are to make a safe way to get around. Also please do not destroy the lava on the other side of the glass with water or cover with blocks. The lava is left behind glass for lighting and for helping break up the view of nonstop walls on the rail rides.

    We are still planning on how the new tunnels will look. Any input is welcomed. If you have a thought on what we can do to make it more friendly to players so they are not digging through and leaving holes in the tunnels please sound out. Remember that these tunnels are for everyone and it would be nice to keep them looking good.

    If you have a private build in the Darklands or a stash out there, remember to clear it out.

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