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So I started working on an achievement plugin. It tracks what you do on the server and gives you different levels of achievement per category. We can have an unlimited number but it somehow has to be traceable of course. With some of them, one can of course cheat by artificially just executing commands without needing them, but I guess there is no perfect system. If we want to work on it to make it really nice, we can attach titles to the different achievement levels as well. Some of them then also can have additional rewards. This should be only for things that cannot be cheated of course. Of course the easy stuff would be in large quantities. Also, we should try to make people use all aspects of the server with those achievements. I am not 100% sure if we can have all of them, but we can at least try. Please add your ideas of what achievements you would like to see or are funny.

  • Vote numbers
  • Sales turnover in the shop
  • items bought in the shop (value)
  • /home use command
  • money in the bank
  • number of deaths
  • days played on the server
  • longest off-line time
  • hours played on the server
  • requests fulfilled
  • stories written and played (by someone else)
  • sales cancelled
  • deposit box usage (deposited blocks)
  • blocks broken (in the lots where we track that)
  • blocks placed (as above)
  • special blocks broken/placed (such as diamonds or so)
  • karma given ( negative/ positive separated)
  • karma received (all-in)
  • quizzes started
  • quizzes answered
  • quizzes won
  • promotions voted
  • mails written
  • mails sent
  • forum posts written
  • blog comments written

Next steps: Once we have the list, I will make an info-page on the website where the achievements and the limits for them will be visible. Then we can nail down what reasonable quantities for the initial launch. Then I would start the logic that tracks the individual achievements. Likely, some of them we will update only once a day and not instantly. At the same time I would start installing the first displays on user pages so the achievements can be tracked.

9 thoughts on “Achievement Proposals

  1. This is great! I’d like to create a survey form to accept ideas and optional cutesy titles for specific achievements based on which activities are monitorable. I was also going to see if I could nail down built-in achievements related to these activities that we might not want to duplicate.

    For each monitorable activity, can the achievement be based on some related metadata? For example, for Days Played on the Server, can that be since a certain date such as the beginning of the month or year? For blocks broken and placed, is that per lot and can we distinguish whether that is their own lot or another’s lot?

    • > I’d like to create a survey form to accept ideas and optional cutesy titles for specific achievement
      Sure, go ahead!

      > I was also going to see if I could nail down built-in achievements related to these activities that we might not want to duplicate.
      In-game achievements are mostly “did that once”. Those achievments will be “did it 10 times, 100 times, 1000 times” etc.

      > can the achievement be based on some related metadata
      Theoretically of course. I would suggest that we first do this one a “lifetime” base and then later can check leader boards within other time frames.

      >For blocks broken and placed…
      I have the info with coordinates. If we want to check that per which lot and who owns it, it will become significantly more complicated. If we want to see who on the server found the most packed ice in the darklands I would think that is more interesting than which kingdom lot. I also rather have a good diversity in the beginning instead of tracking the same thing in 500 shades.

      • Gotcha. So glad we can track blocks in Darklands. I thought that would be out.

        Here is the survey form.

        It allows for optional image files that could be used as badges. I realize you may not want to deal with that. If so, I’ll remove it. I’ll make any edits you like. I’ll be on and off today and tomorrow (I’m on Chicago time).

        In the mean time, responses are recorded in a Google Sheet which can be easily had in CSV or XML in case you have the option of importing data into the plugin. I could help transform it into whatever the settings file format is.

        • Can you change it so that the base activity is optional? I want to give people the option to add new ones.
          Sounds good. I don’t mind to have the images, but I don’t think I will be able to make them. If anyone else can make something that looks decent, sure, why not!

          • Un-required the drop down and added a place for Other Activity.

            I have removed the image question anyway because having it there, even though it was optional, required Google sign-in, and I don’t want to force people to reveal their Google accounts or create one.

        • Ok, one more change request:
          I want to have titles for every level that we have. I think it’s good to have 8 levels per achievement, so we need 8 grades for each one.
          I wonder if it’s not better to do that as an excel sheet directly so people don’t add info to stuff that we already have?

          • Sure thing. I’m on my way out with the family and will have this up in a few hours.

  2. I’m totally someone who is after achievements :D

    There should totally be an overachiever or insane achievement which requires achieving max achievements on multiple topics.

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