Continuing the Kingdom Lots discussion, Part 2: Giving lots back

In order to give lots back, there is the general question about the mechanics of what can be given back and what that actually means.

Giving back a lot finally means that it should have a quality that justifies the lot to be preserved and never be reset. It’s therefore the same requirement as a winner in a building contest. I plan to enable some sort of a judging process as for the user promotion voting process. So we need to make a list of judgement criteria that allows people to vote on a build by answering the same questions for any possible submission. Possible ratings are:

  • Detail level
  • Good use of land/space
  • Originality/beauty/interesting
  • Theme (does it have one?)
  • Natural fit with surrounding/landscape
  • Others Options?

I would think that a minimum score in each category would be required. On top of that, a sum of all scores should be required as well, and that one should be higher than the combined minimum score of all together. Then we would ask for people to vote on it. But who?

  • Only people of a higher rank can vote
  • Anyone can vote, but give different influence to lower ranks
  • Other options?

Once a lot has been given back, the question comes what will be the reward for that. Again, different choices:

  • The right to get more kingdom lots (as written in the update to the previous post)
  • Simple rewards (a home, a deposit box etc)
  • A rank? While I think that the current ranking system is a bit more for behavior (i.e. being responsible enough to be able to ban others), we could introduce a new “virtual” rank that is mostly cosmetic with a point system. That rank would make someone am “Architect 3” or three star-architect for example. Each star rank would be incrementally more difficult to reach. So one lot given back would make you a 1-star, 5 a 3-star or something like that. It would show up as a prefix or suffix to the name. Essentially it would be like the achievements but it would be very very visible and carried across current ranks.
  • Anything else?

11 thoughts on “Continuing the Kingdom Lots discussion, Part 2: Giving lots back

  1. Overall, I think this is a great idea. I will offer my 2 cents on each part (for what it’s worth, since I haven’t been around too much). I agree with the judging process. I’m estimating that submissions will (or ought to be) rare, so perhaps it would be appropriate to have only Master and Elder ranks be able to vote for now.

    As far as what builds should be rated on, I completely agree. I think you hit all the all the main points.

    Now, rewards might be a little bit tricky because there will probably be a vast spectrum of builds that are appropriate to preserve, but some will be of considerably larger scale than others. This is of course partially mitigated by giving rewards on a per lot basis, but not completely. Also, some builds are large group efforts, so perhaps if someone submits their build, they can submit the names of other users along with it for credit (I’m not sure if this would be simple to implement or not)?

    My idea obviously creates an issue in fairness. That is, should 10 users who complete a project each be given the same reward as a single user who completes the same project on his/her own? With this in mind, and the fact that submitted builds will vary considerably in scope, maybe it would be a good idea to implement a “tier” system for rewards, in addition to the current ranking system. To elaborate, voters would rate the project first in terms of whether it’s appropriate to preserve, and then also vote on the size and scope of the project. It could work like this:

    Tier 1-Small project (small reward given to the user that submits)
    Tier 2-Medium project (medium reward given to the user that submits or small rewards divided among the contributors if more than one name is provided)
    Tier 3-Large project (Large reward given to the user that submits or medium-small rewards divided among contributors depending on how many there are)
    Tier 4-Massive project (You get the idea)

    The “tier” ranking of a project would depend solely on size, density, amount of materials, time, etc.

    I don’t know if any of this is completely feasible, but I thought i’d share my opinion. By the way, I get 3 stars for Rome right? ;) (just kidding, of course).

    • Tiers sound interesting. I will look into how this could be feasible without making the whole thing just too complex.

  2. I suppose that if the lot is
    – filled with genuine, not generic/ubiquitous buildings
    – has something unique about it – any “story”, that is, or style, or whatever making it interesting
    – kept intact as much as possible – not scraped down to stone level/made unnaturally barren
    it is worth saving.

    I think that everyone should have posibility to visit the lot in question and express opinion, but only players of the same or higher ran should vote.

    Perhaps a “value” of the lot should be somehow defined, perhaps in several nominations – to keep kind of board of fame. Good builds should definitely be worth advertising on the server.


  3. Okay, I have a few ideas for this too. Going to break this down into 3 separate parts:
    • Giving back Kingdom project lots criteria
    I do feel like giving back kingdom lots should require a contest by all users who decide to judge, similar to the former contest setup, (I really loved it and hope it can return someday as well) and with the criteria you have mentioned above.

    • Rewards
    I really like Pine’s approach with tiers on project size, I think it’d also work well with what I proposed on the previous post. I think every project owner should deserve some form of promotion (more on that later) as well as a owners and members could get different achievements in their profile saying they were a part of or owned a completed project.
    I’m really stumped on what to give. A home and a deposit would be a nice gift. Maybe Flatlands/Empire/Aether lots? Beacons? Shulker Boxes? Elytra? Maybe have a museum in the city with maps and player heads of owners/members of each project and a sign that warps to the actual build.

    • Rank promotions
    Okay, this may open a can of worms, but honestly I’m all for ranks that have no special commands, and even adding more ranks (I think Purple Engineer would be a pretty nice new color). It gives people more reason to aim just to get the next level. I don’t feel like the lure of ranks should be just to get admin capabilities. Some users just want a way to be recognized without suddenly having the responsibility of becoming more of an admin, but more just because they earned it, and maybe even have degrees of a rank as you suggested.

    I personally feel like Admin capabilities should be more applied for, or at least the user should show some sort of intent that they are okay with having that power instead of being given it by surprise when they log on and find out they’re a master or an elder.

    I also think teleportation has sparked some conversation lately. I personally think either one of these options should be considered:
    • Switch the /tp from designer to master (or whatever you consider an admin rank) and /tpahere from master to designer
    • Remove /tp and /tptoggle and only allow /tpa and /tpahere

    Also, there was something I really missed about having a larger batch of promotions. Maybe have one day a month be promotion day, to give people to look forward to when all pending promotions are processed? It could be some sort of server event.

    One last sidenote: We also have something very unique on this server, and that’s subways. Many users have collaborated and created extensive rail networks on the road lots in the Kingdom, Darklands and Nether. While the Nether and Darklands reset all at once, the Kingdom network always uses tweaking, with new lots added and such, I feel like there should be some way to allow this to continue nicely and even reward people who work on any of these projects and also make it easier for them to get the permissions they need.

    • Same thoughts here on the rewards. A hall of fame would be super-easy and nice. Colors for ranks are tricky since some of the few available colors are really tricky to see in-game if we would apply them to chat in some way.

      Promotion day would be possible. But if we don’t make it into an “event” as you say, what’s the added benefit? I could postpone all actual promotions to e.g. the 1st of each month. There is a contrary movement however where people in the past said that if e.g. an Elder promotion is mixed in with a couple of others, it loses value.

      Good point on the subways. No idea though on how to reward that. I can check if I can track how many rails someone has placed, but other than that I am pretty lost on how to do that well.

  4. I have 5 big king lots and their surrounding road lots, plus one that has the darklandstorage. When I bought these lots there was nothing about build up, return the lot, get a new lot. I spend all my time on my king lots and have made my home storage here. I have had these lots for a long time and have done a lot of builds on them. These lots are my babies, I know that sounds strange to some. I have spent a lot of time, effort, planning, uncs, and a lot of blocks on these builds. I still have many builds and years on these lots to go. I can not see turning these lots in for new lots.

    I have taken down some builds and replaced with better stuff. I have done most of these builds by myself but my daughter has helped me on some of the builds, like the contest park. The builds that my daughter has helped me on are special to me. I have even build a memorial for my brother on one of the lots when he had died.

    I have some empire lots but I have ended up calling my king lots home.

    • a) We won’t take existing lots away from people if you have concluded that somewhere. We will however make it attractive for people to give them back.
      b) You only developed the kingdom lots instead of empire lots because it was easy/cheap/bigger at the time when you got them. Nobody is criticizing you for that.
      c) This is not about you, the way you build or how many lots you have. This is about the bigger issue and the average amount of deserted builds, mining lots and half- or even fully empty but occupied kingdom lots. The Kingdom was meant to become a building showcase of actual stuff done, not just a large space to put in ever larger mob spawners.

    • You’re not alone Vix, I also moved my main base (with storage) from Empire to Kingdom :)

  5. Why not just pay us per lot instead of giving us a home or deposit box? Years of work should be compensated at a higher value. I was hoping that each lot would fetch around 150k so that it could help pay for workers: they would work on the promise of compensation. If this rule were put in place then those who are motivated to complete the most work earn a lot and hopefully use that to carry over into future kingdom builds.

    • I really like this idea. It creates a self-driving economy in the direction of Unc’s vision of Kingdom as a showplace.

    • … or a combination. Uncs and also rare blocks (lets say spawn eggs like guardian ones or so) and homes might work.

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