1.13 Upgrade Status

Hi all,

I hope you all are enjoying the 1.13 temp server! To keep you up to date on recent developments, I would like to inform you that Spigot, the software that we use to run the server, has started to release the first development builds. This is a great sign of progress, but they are not usable for us so far. We will have to wait until something stable is released before we can start checking for our own upgrade. In previous upgrades, minecraft also released additional patches in the weeks after the upgrade, which might delay stuff as well.

Anyhow, I am on vacation until early August, and won’t be able to do any upgrades on the server until then. I would be surprised however if we had a working spigot until then.

So have fun with the temp server!

9 thoughts on “1.13 Upgrade Status

  1. Having a great time with the temp/new darklands. Have fun on vacation.

  2. Just curious if the game rules can be changed remotely. Would be nice to have fire spread and PvP disabled.

    • Hey there, I thought I switched off PVP already after the reboot. Please let me know if that works or not.
      I don’t think I can switch off fire spread on a vanilla server.

      • Would ‘/gamerule doFireTick false’ work still? It’s at least a stand-in before WorldGuard takes effect (assuming that’s the acting plugin).

    • I have used fire a couple of times to clean up unfinished big oak trees.. but since I settled inside an abandonned ship made of wood, I guess I won’t complain too much about this change :)

  3. Enjoy your vacation. Always look forward to your amazing photos!

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