Expectation management…

So to do some expectation management for the upgrade of the main server to 1.13, I am afraid that we might be in for a longer wait, and that is a pure guess based on the issues outlined on what I read online. It seems that the 1.13 version has changed some core issues in how the maps and items are stored, the so-called NBT format. This means that:

  • Spigot itself seems to be on a longer schedule to have a stable version out. Right now they are warning that an upgrade to the test versions of spigot will corrupt the maps, so of course we won’t touch that.
  • Our systems for lot resets might break. If this is the case, we have to see if the programs we use for that can and will be updated for the new version or if we can find alternatives for that.
  • Other important plugins might fail, such as websend. We might need to manage to get those updated as well somehow.

Those last two are seemingly the same as for other previous version upgrades of minecraft, but it seems that this time there is such a massive change to core code structure that I see an increased right of something to fail.

So we will continue to wait and hope for the best to get an upgrade as soon as possible. Right now, as we don’t even have a stable spigot version to work with, I cannot really do anything. I will wait for the stable version and then we will have to do some proper testing.

So let’s hope for the best and see what will happen!

4 thoughts on “Expectation management…

  1. Having a tempo server does wonders in terms of impatience management ;p

  2. No problem to wait – ruining the worlds isn’t a good price for the upgrade.

  3. It has been fun going old school. Having to start from scratch has been invigorating .

  4. Agreed, the temp server has been fun so definitely takes the edge off waiting for a stable build.

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