1.13 upgrade – updates

Hey all, I have done some more work to check into the 1.13 upgrade and wanted to update you on the status.

So first of all, FYI, the chunk/nbt format has been changed dramatically. That’s the data format used to store any and all information of the minecraft worlds. So any and all tools and plugins that change or read that data will break with 1.13 the one or other way.

The maintainers of Spigot (the software our server runs on) are working on an method to bridge some of the gaps (specifically the items and blocks in your inventory), but anything that runs outside of spigot will not have this benefit and break with 100% certainty. This involves, for us specifically:

  • The 2D map
  • The tool that we use to reset lots

Now for the 2D map, there is good news, there are already now people working on fixing this, which is great. For the tool to reset lots, the news is not so good. The original tool that was the base for what we are using right now, has not been touched by the original author since 7 years. We had “Azkedar”, one of our former members write an extension to that tool to allow us to easily copy lots in 2014, so 4 years ago but Azkedar has not been around for some years. However, I found someone who updated that original tool just some 2 months ago. I have contacted that person today to check if they plan to update it to 1.13 as well. So we can hope that this is the case, and if yes, that Azkedar’s extension will work with the updated tool without modification. Otherwise we will have to get in contact with Azkedar as well to see if he would be so kind to update the extension as well.

If that does not work, I am afraid, we would have to find a completely new way to reset lots, which might be difficult. There seem to be methods for a plugin to do that, but that would have to be programmed first and we would have to have the mint worlds loaded in-game as well. I am not sure what that means for server performance if we suddenly need to keep 2x the amount of worlds loaded. At the minimum, we have to refrain from lot resets and have to move to lot regeneration, which means that the lots would always be updated/reset to the current render standard, which in return would mean that every deserted lot in the kingdom would automatically become a 1.13+ lot, with all the potential disruptions to the surface continuity along with it.

If all else fails, we would be stuck with 1.12. Considering that there are a lot of servers that are stuck with 1.8, this is not a total disaster, but still not really desirable for anyone.

So if by chance you know how to program C and can help to update this tool to 1.13, please help us all to keep updating the server!