Good News, Everyone!

As reported before, the map format of minecraft changed considerably with 1.13. This broke the tool that we use to reset lots. As you can imagine, the ability to reset lots is one of the core functionalities of this server. Other servers provide only flatlands-style lots to users. On the contrary, we have always provided users with real-world lots in the empire and kingdom with the option to reset it when a new user comes in.

This functionality is a key component of the “vanilla-style” immersion of the server and the preservation of a natural looking environment was always a key driver for the server look & feel.

So since 1.13 was breaking the tool that we were using from the start to accomplish this feature, I was on the lookout for people who would be able to help us to port the tool to 1.13. Unfortunately, despite many, many people who had done small steps in continuing to develop the tool in the early days (2015…), there was only one person making recent contributions to it.

I contacted that person and luckily got a fast reply, but in the end this person did not work on the recent changes (yet). So I gave up to look for current editors and returned to contact Azkedar, the user who helped us so kindly to originally extend the external tool to dramatically simplify the lot reset process.

Azkedar was so kind to immediately respond to my query and essentially come back within no less than 50 hours with a new, working version of the tool that enables us to reset lots in 1.13.

I cannot thank him enough for the fast contribution to this issue. Without this, we would be stuck in 1.12 for the time being. And while, yes, there are even today servers that are stuck on version 1.8, I always took pride and a lot of effort in keeping up with recent versions and attracting users with the latest features instead of hoping that people would somehow not think that new blocks are important for the sake of sticking to the same server.

So in other words, as soon as Spigot gets upgraded reliably to 1.13, we are good to go along for the most important parts of the server functionality.

We will still have to see if Websend (used for the majority of user commands) is any issue, but the base server mechanics will continue working!


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  1. Many big thanks to Azkedar ad Unc for taking great care of this special I like to call my second home. Thanks again Azkedar.

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