Temp Server CPU Load

Dear all,

the temp server is running at a very very high CPU load. Please make sure that you don’t overdo it with farms, redstone etc. The same rules as for the main server are valid for the temp server. Just the fact that we don’t have plugins to prevent you from doing excessive stuff, does not mean it’s allowed.

If I need to go around to find laggy stuff, I won’t hesitate to just reset the whole area. If I find out who did it, bans might happen as well.

So please be considerate of the other folks on the server and stick to the rules!

2 thoughts on “Temp Server CPU Load

  1. An idea would be to be try to reduce the number of farmed animals. I’ll get rid of my local chickens and turtles when I log in, and will only keep 2 cows. We could also probably do with less animals at spawn.

    • Thanks for this. We have to consider that this temp server is running on the same machine as the normal server. If you are producing products here beyond your personal requirements, you are doing it wrong.

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