Update Progress, 2nd edition

Ok, so I managed to get the shop up and running. Luckily I found some new resources some weeks ago which allow us to generate the list of all available items automatically from an external source.

The tricky part is now that there are tons of items still in the store with the old format that need to be updated. Withdrawing these items will returns the wrong stuff to you. Therefore I first have to write an update process for these items before we can re-enable to the store and deposit.

Still, all I have to do now is write a transfer-code and then we can re-enable the store again. This might be happening within the next 12-18 hours.

I am not sure if I can re-enable voting until then.

4 thoughts on “Update Progress, 2nd edition

  1. Good luck! I appreciate your efforts.

    I hope they won’t do major formats/whatever changes at least between minor versions.

    • BTW I’m voting for the server even if the reward system is broken (I assume it’s that voting your talking about, and not the user promotion voting).

  2. I’m always impressed with the effort you put in to keep things up to date and running smoothly. Thank you!

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