Update Progress, #3

So I made a lot of progress behind the scenes to make sure we are up and running properly with 1.13. I managed to figure out how to build websend properly with all updated dependencies and without it being 40MB large. This is some java technicalities but it’s quite important in order to be able to work on plugins and to keep them up to date in the future. As a consequence, I was able to simplify the code in the websend plugin a bit as well. This removed some unnecessary error messages.

The next step will be to convert the stock & deposit to 1.13 blocks without losing anything. I will have to find a safe way to do it since it will be quite hard to find out if I messed up something in a subtle way. I hope I can make some progress there today.

8 thoughts on “Update Progress, #3

  1. I know it has been said many times but thanks for all your hard work you put into your server.I myself have enjoyed the community you have built around it and the many friends I have made along the way.

  2. Unc,

    Ditto lilroc17. Thanks for your efforts to constantly keep the server current. As for the programming, Kyle is self learning Java right now, so if there is anything he can do (easy, repetitive type programming?), he would love to pitch in. If not feasible, he is looking forward to helping when he is proficient.

    Also, Red Sea is amazing diving. Phenomenal.


  3. If I can assist converting the records, I would be glad to do so. How are they stored? (rdb, json, csv, other?)

  4. Do you happen to have a build tool or container that would let me create an Uncovery testing environment?

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