Next up: World upgrade

As you have seen the 2D world maps have a lot of black areas. Those are there since the current version of the map renderer cannot process pre-1.13 files. I am working now to update those areas. This requires that we first of all upgrade the “mint” maps that we use to reset lots but then also to upgrade the maps people actively play on. Visiting a location in-came also fixes the issue but it’s of course time-consuming.

The automatic upgrade process also takes a lot of time, even for the kingdom it takes several hours. The automatic upgrade can currently be done only via one method: Start the server with a –forceUpgrade option and it will then go through all maps and update them before the server starts up. This is crazy since it will also update also all the maps that are never being rendered in the 2D maps such as the darklands. It would take days to finish that one and the server would be down until then.

So I need to do it one by one on a separate machine by downloading first the mint areas to my PC at home (I have the backups there, so no big issue), create a temp server, add all the worlds to it, run the update and re-upload the worlds then to the minecraft server.

Then the maps we play on need to be updated. Probably I will just reset all empty lots so those are then replaced with the 1.13 version mint files. Then only areas that are occupied but have not been visited since 1.13 need to be upgraded and that I can then do by either visiting the areas or closing down the world for a while and running the upgrade on them.

Let’s see how it goes, I will let you know about the progress.

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