Server Upgrade to 1.15

Dear all, I am upgrading the server to 1.15 today. In order to prepare for this, I am (finally) force-upgrading all chunks globally. I have so far done this only for lot worlds, but I am doing this now also for the nether and the darklands. This will take considerable time. The nether for example updates by 1% in about 90 seconds, you do the math :D The server will be offline during that. Thanks for your understanding.

Afterwards I will upgrade the server to 1.15. Since the 1.15 upgrade has hardly any changes on the server side, there will be no need for testing and other preparations this time.

There is no plan to reset any worlds at this time. If it turns out completely impossible to find bees, let me know and we can put some eggs into the store (at a price).

Have fun!

11 thoughts on “Server Upgrade to 1.15

  1. Thats very fine. Thank you very much!
    Well it’s not a spawn egg to putt in the system but couldnt you add sweet berry bushes to the lottery or to the shop (there for 150 uncs maybe)? I’d prefer the lottery :)
    These are also not available since last update.

    • I just added the sweet berry as one of the “random saplings”. So you have a 11/7th chance to get 1-64 sweet berries.

  2. Good news!

    Alternatively to the store, you could also add bee eggs to the lotery, but I agree with your idea to wait a bit to see if it’s possible to find and grow some in the DL.

    One crucial difference is that if you put spawn eggs on the market or in the lottery then there will be (no pun) farms in Kingdom/Empire/Aether, otherwise they will only be (still no pun) in the DL.

    • Not true. You can silk-touch mine a bee hive at night with the bee inside and plant it somewhere else, the bee will come back out then.

        • BTW you only need silk touch for natural bee hives (I think they’re called “bee nest”), not for the crafted bee hives.

          • Just collect many bee nests, those flying things can be tricky to farm.

  3. BTW 2h30 to update the nether doesn’t seem exagerated.. we can all survive a downtime of 2h30. If the DL is not 10 times the size of the Nether then everything will be ok :)

  4. I think Fox and Panda spawn eggs also could be added. Fox spawn eggs to the lottery and the Panda ones to the shop, for 500 uncs maybe.

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