1.15 active! But…

So we are now live on 1.15. The only issue that I ran into during the world upgrades is that the Aether world kept making problems. There are is a long list of chunks that are corrupt on many levels. I tried several times to fix this, but it seems that there are issues recurring continuously. So I had to remove it for minecraft to be able to finish the process.

My proposal would be that we drop the Aether as a world. If you feel that there are massive assets that you have in the Aether, please let me know. If nobody speaks up in the coming weeks, I will simply phase this world out and we stick to the existing worlds. Otherwise I can re-enable the world for a while so that you can get your stuff out and we would then remove it. Let me know.

12 thoughts on “1.15 active! But…

  1. I have assets in the Aether and I would like to retrieve them before the world is phased out.

  2. I literally have all my assets in the Aether. If we are going to do away with it, I have a LOT to transfer to another world somehow.

    • And if I can ask, I need some time to do this. Extremely bust thru January with coaching high school basketball. Shutting down the Aether scares me….

        • Thanks Unc. I will try to move stuff as soon as I can. May take a few weeks though. Working nights and coaching 6 days a week is most of my time.

        • I have retrieved everything that was of high importance to me. Most all that is left is just building materials. I will try to deconstruct to save some of these until you shut it down, but honestly, nothing I have left means a ton to me, so dont let me stop you from shutting it down.

          Sad to see the Aether go though. I loved those floaty islands.

  3. I have just started to re-build my Aether base, so personally I have nothing of much value in there, but…

    The concept of Aether is very interesting – very atmospheric place, especially when building on the very bottom. If it could be re-made (even from scratch), it would be interesting to have it.

    If not, then not – I spent quite a time building floor for future “base” there, but there are no extremely valuable blocks or structures. Just time I spent there.

    • Yeah we can try. I would have to find a new world generator since the old one doesn’t work anymore since 5 years :D

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