1.16.1 upgrade status

Dear all,

as 1.16.x is out now since a couple of days, I just wanted to let you where we are with the upgrade. The primary software that needs to be updated is Spigot. They have released 1.16.1 versions, but I have no idea how stable/reliable those are. They do not really release final products but rather daily updates. The best sign that their current 1.16.x version is stable is when they make it the default version in their updating mechanism. Until then, updating spigot will give you 1.15.2 unless you manually specify otherwise. This is not the case yet.

Next issue is that the way how a world is stored has changed. This means that our 2D and 3D maps will stop working until the people maintaining those software will release 1.16. compatible versions. There might be other plugins that break with 1.16.2, but I am not aware about any issues at the moment.

The change of world storage also means that we need to go through a lengthy upgrading process since all worlds need to be processed for the new format. I will try to do that on my PC at home since it’s faster, but that also means I will have to transfer a couple of Gigabytes of data back and forth, and the server will be down during that time.

So in summary: I do not think we are ready to upgrade just yet. I probably will wait until early next week and then check which plugins released 1.16.x versions and check that everything works before we dive into the actual upgrade. So please be patient and stick to 1.15.2 until we are ready.


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  1. Thanks, Unc! Your dedication to the server is much appreciated!

  2. thanks unc,
    You work really hard and its always appreciated.

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