Small 1.16 status update

There are the first beta-versions for 1.16 of plugins out. Given that these plugins do not release a final version yet, I conclude that the 1.16 minecraft version is giving more headaches to developers than previous versions. Previously the jump to final versions happened faster.

Further, looking at the support chat for the incoming spigot version and the issues reported there, I do not think it’s a good idea to update to 1.16 yet. I’ll continue to monitor the progress and try to find the best time to update to 1.6 according to that.

I want to avoid that we either have a massively unstable situation or even worse, have people buildin in 1.16 for a while and then having to reset this progress later.

Thanks for your patience!

7 thoughts on “Small 1.16 status update

  1. Personally, I’d prefer to wait more, but to have stabler environment.

  2. keeping fingers crossed and if it gives you too many headaches i do have spare painkillers i could send over unc

  3. Thanks for the update Unc. Will you still be going with the “traditional” temporary server route for the new Darkland?

  4. So we only have Nether fully reset, but not Darklands.

    (I am evacuating my Darklands bases anyway, since my entry points are deep within Nether and it’s not guaranteed I will be able to create new portals at exactly the same locations)

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