1.16.2 ToDo-list

Here’s the ToDo list of what’s still left to do over the coming days:

  • Fix the minecraft assets so that they support the new blocks in the website shop. Done, except for some images that are also missing from the wiki. Change request to the wiki is submitted, Also done.
  • Fix the discord server plugin from throwing errors. Seems to have fixed itself?
  • We migrated to paper (from spigot) so we need a new mechanism to download the latest versions automatically.
  • I need to merge the EssentialsX config file with the default config of the latest version. Done!
  • Something on the website is very slow, need to investigate where this comes from. Maybe the playerlist in the sidebar. Seems to have fixed itself?
  • Need to fix the 2D map for the empire and city Done!
  • Fix the mouse-over of unenchanted items when depositing/withdrawing done!
  • Fix nether-portals to teleport from the nether to the darklands: This is a confirmed bug so we need to wait until this is fixed. Otherwise I could make a custom warp command that would act like a portal where you would pay for warping from the nether to the darklands at the right location. This should be a last resort however. There is a chance that this might not be fixed in the near future, so let me know in the comments how urgent this issue is.
  • Migrate our permissions plugin from PermissionsEX to LuckPerms.
  • Fix “Not a String” error on the console. Checked with the paper support chat, this seems to be hard to find out where it comes from. So far no reproducible event found. Seems to come from invalid chunks
  • There seems to be an issue with withdrawing items from the inventory, there is a console error “[RemoveItem] Invalid Inventory Slot!”
  • Minecarts do not work in the Flatlands. Done!
  • /who where stopped working Fixed!

4 thoughts on “1.16.2 ToDo-list

  1. Personally, I can do without Darklands for quite a while, new Nether has its own benefits and new valuables to find and mine.

      • I can, but it’s way too far from the bases reachable from Nether portals.

  2. The “/who where command” does not show where we are.

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