So here are some update on stuff I have been working on:

  1. Nether Portals work again! You should be able as before now to warp to the darklands through portals built in the nether. Yay!
  2. The Aether: I have now removed all lot occupancy from the aether and removed the world. I have however also started to test alternative world generators. I could find only one so far which creates relatively boring floaty islands, on top of that all with “End” biome so only endermen spawn. This is not really what I envisioned so I am looking for alternatives. There are a couple of them out there, mostly still under development. I will let you know once I find something suitable. If we open this world again, I want it to be something really special.

7 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Creating a new Aether out of an End biome doesn’t sound too bad. Endermen-only mobs isn’t too bad either, as we have mob eggs. There is already a lot of terraforming that happens in the Aether and we need something to do with the millions of blocks in earth material. However, I do agree that a bunch of endstone islands are not the most pleasing things to look at. Would you be open to a simple world-edit method of creating starter islands on each Aether lot? Perhaps something like the Skyblock starter island- but much bigger?

  2. Nether portals are not working for me. Has anyone been through one successfully?

      • I’ve been through several times…Took this opportunity to start a new darklands home. (I forget where my old one was, which may not exist anymore anyway.)

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