Userlevel issue progress

As some of you might have experienced, we currently have a bug in the userlevel system. Some users have the wrong userlevel displayed in-game despite that they have the correct access rights. This is an issue with them having 2 userlevels at the same time, but since only one can be displayed (in the color of their username), it shows the lower one.

While I am able to fix this by removing one of the levels, the issue comes back because the system re-applies the double userlevel.

So I am right now working on debugging the whole userlevel system to find out where this happens. Since the userlevels are touched in various places (Donations, citizenship etc), I am doing this now step by step to make sure all of these are working properly.

As a first step, I have improved the donation level transparency. If you have ever had donation status, you will find now additional information on your user page such as this:

In this case, I discovered that, like shown above, donations given while an older donation was still active were not added to the end of the expiry of the previous donation but rather acted as if there was no donation previously. This has been fixed now and I will fix the status of the affected users as a next step.

Please note that you will see this ONLY for yourself, not for user users.

I will be going through more of these reports to fix the issues that we have in the hope that we will get to the bottom of the issue.

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