Donator Status updates

Since we had issues with the userlevels since some time now, I had suspended the upgrades/downgrades for donator status (and other things like lot resets etc) for some time now (somewhere in November). Since I have now verified that at least the donator status is fixed, I have checked all active users and corrected their respective status. This has resulted in donator status fixes in 3 categories:

  • People who donated recently but did not get the update immediately since the upgrade was suspended. Those have been made Donator now. Affected people are:
    • misterhelpfull
    • seasnailsplatoon
  • People whose Donator status has expired in the meantime but kept their status. Those have lost their status. Affected people are:
    • linklux
    • emberstorms
    • shadowagentstorm
    • puttmutt
  • People who donated in short succession in the past so that there was an overlap of the donations, but the system wrongly counted each donation from it’s respective start instead of stacking them. Those people have been made donator now. Affected people are:
    • greysquare
    • kidcodiwise
    • spaceidiot

I’m still having the issue that some few people have multiple user levels and are being assigned those automatically by the system. I hope I’ll find out why this happens soon so I can fix this.