1.17.1 is live! Darklands reset end of August!

Ok, so this time we are trying something different. We are now live with 1.17.1 and the darklands are still around. However, we will reset the darklands end of August. So you have basically 6 weeks time to demolish whatever is in the darklands and we will reset/wipe the darklands to make room for all the new crystal caves!

Please let me know if something does not work. To my knowledge everything except the 2D map should work.

4 thoughts on “1.17.1 is live! Darklands reset end of August!

  1. Great news and thanks for the update, Uncovery!

    It’s much time to collect all the rails and the rest…

    And yes, it’s now much more fun to mine iron, gold, copper and the rest.

  2. I have been working very long hours this summer and am looking forward to taking a break and spending some time in the new Darklands!

  3. Same, I’d be eager to commence building a new Darklands entry place, railways to brave new biomes… and so on.

    Everything more or less useful and valuable has been collected, so… waiting now.

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