1.17 progress update

Hey all, so we have some good progress:

First of all, the shop is now updated with 99% of the block/item pictures and 100% of the stack sizes (needed to properly withdraw stuff without overfilling your inventory). The remaining item pictures that are outstanding are also missing from a central fanmdom wiki page and we have to wait until that is fixed there.

The other thing that is still outstanding is the 2D map. I am working right now with the dev of the app that is generating the map to make it ready for 1.17. Since there are a bunch of new blocks that need to have a color in the 2D map, those need to be added. You can track the progress on the above link. I assume that we might have some progress within the next 7-12 days.

Otherwise everything should be fine. Let me know if anything else is broken.

Please also let me know which animal eggs you want to see in the shop.

4 thoughts on “1.17 progress update

  1. Great news. Thanks, @Uncovery!

    As for spawning eggs: my vote would be for goats and axolotles.

    TWIMC: according to my studying “far Draklands”, amethyst geodes are quite frequent (1/53 of all chunks); I’ve found 4 while cleaning mineshafts.

  2. Also, please add azalea (can only naturally be spawned in lush caves)

  3. Thanks for all your effort Unc. Just figured out today that /msg is not working.

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