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Problem with melee

Hi Unc

A few people have noticed recently that enchanted swords seem to do far less damage than they should or have even a few weeks ago.

I did some tests and found all attacks with melee weapons seem to be vastly weaker than normal.

A trident when used in melee with take 14~ normal hits to kill a zombie, but will kill it in 3 hits when thrown despite technically the same damage.

A sharpness 5 diamond sword takes 11 hits to kill a wither skeleton but a power 5 bow can kill in 1 hit. (in single player on hard mode a sword should take it should take 2-3 hits)

Additionally sweeping edge dose not seem to work anymore. Enchanted or default sweeping edge on swords will not hit more than 1 enemy even when they are inside each other.

This effect seems universal and effects all dimensions i have tried it in including darklands, nether, empire, kingdom.

All other sources of damage seem unaffected (lava, magma, falling etc)

My best guess is that all players are effected with a high level weakness potion effect at all times. Strength potions and beacons can help but do not nullify this issue. The weakness has no effect on ranged attacks. This could also cause sweeping edge damage to be reduced to zero.

I assume this is not some new super difficulty mode for the server XD any fix would be appreciated!



Additional evidence.

You are unable to break a minecart with you bare hands unless under the effect of strength.

hmmm it's not my setting for sure. It might be a temporary bug in the current spigot release. Let me check if there is an update.

Yeah so I checked and there are not updates from the current version we have. Given that 1.16 is around the corner I would be surprised if they would update anything right now.

What we can do:

  • I can setup a temp server with vanilla spigot and check if that one has the same problem. -> Done, no issue, so some plugin on our side must be causing this. Will investigate.
  • We can wait for 1.16 (that might take 1 week or 3?) and see if that solves it.

Looks like the problem was fixed for everyone after the server restart!

That was an odd bug but thankfully it fixed itself.