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Shop Problem - Requesting items at a lower cost charges instead of credits

So, I usually keep a large request of iron ingots in the shop. The price of iron ingots seems to have lowered recently, and I wanted to adjust for it. So, I requested 2 stacks more and change the request price from 13 to 9. According to the shop, I was "credited" 6356 uncs, BUT it instead charged me that amount. (See the screenshots before and after).

I decided to run a test after that. Progressively changing the request price lower and lower while offering only 1 iron ingot more (so I SHOULD be charged for that 1 iron ingot @ that current price AND be accredited because I changed the price of ALL my ingots to the new (lower) price). But, instead, the shop does the exact opposite! So, with about 2000 iron ingots requesting and lowering the price of each by one, I should be credited with about 2000+ uncs (At least). But, it charges me that amount instead. I have changed the amount maybe once before without noticing this bug, but in just testing today, I have basically lost 10,000 uncs today while adding only 200 or so ingots @ 6-9 uncs/ piece. I would appreciate it if this issue could be addressed.

Screenshot 18 is the amount I had initially, screenshot 19 is after I started requesting at a lower amount, and screenshot 19 is when I tried to request 1 more iron ingot more.

Uploaded files:
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  • Screenshot-18.png
  • Screenshot-19.png

Thanks for reporting, fixed it now. Transferred you 10k.

Thank you! However, I would like to point out that the request (change in price) was also supposed to return (credit) uncs when I lowered the price of my ingots by nearly half. I greatly appreciate what you did, but I am still at a loss because of the above reason. In the screenshots, it shows exactly how much my account was supposed to be credited; the number is correct; the only problem was that it took uncs instead of giving them. I know this may be a bit confusing but here's a simplification of what happened:

1. Let's say I lowered the price of my ingots and I am supposed to be credited 100 uncs

2. Instead, I am charged 100 uncs (NET: -100 uncs | Expected: +100 uncs)

3. You credit me for my loses +100 uncs (NET: 0 | Expected: +100 uncs)

4. By the end, I am still short by 100 uncs in this simulation (and my ingots' value has been slashed in half)

Proposed Solution: Since I am now at step 3/4, the simplest way to reverse the damage is to transfer the uncs that the shop should have given me when I lowered the price of my ingots. All the numbers are clear in the screenshots of how much should have been given out (The first screenshot has all the transactions laid out).

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-17-Copy.png

Ok, so you are missing about another 10k to even out? If you want to have the exact amount, please tell me how much, otherwise I will just transfer you another 10k.

I think he's saying that the system is fixed, but you credited him half as much as he lost. It seems that he's still out about 10 thousand uncs.

Basically, when he lowered the price he lost "x" amount of uncs instead of gained "x" amount. You credited him for the amount he was charged, but you didn't credit him for the gain he was supposed to have as far as I can tell.

pine, yeah I got that in the meantime 😀

Ah, guess I replied a bit late then. Whoops.

Yes, 10k uncs is good, thank you in advance!