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The School


Hello every1! Welcome to the official The School thread! Now what in the world is The School? This kingdom lot project is a large Kingdom with large majestic walls and towers and midevil style almost everything. This is going to be moar than just a little build. This is a megaproject even though it isn't in the Megaprojects section of the forums. Some buildings will have functions (other than houses) like they have info on stuff I'm selling in the shop. Stuff like price, the command, the item and so on. Now just some other junk you might want to know about.


Owner: ME!

Sencondary Owners: Yet to be chosen

Peeps That Run the Departments: Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

Peeps That Are in the Departments: Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

Civilians: No One - No Vacancy


The Department of Defense: (They build the walls) Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

The Department of Landscaping: (it's pretty self-explanitory) Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

The Department of Departments: (They run the Departments) ME! and probably someone else that is yet to be chosen

The Department of Convinience: (they get other employees stuff so the other employees dont have to stop working) Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

The department of Housing: (later on they will build housees and other buildings) Yet to be Chosen - Now Hiring

There will probably be moar departments.

Job Info

Just apply in a post and tell me what job you are applying for and any experience youve had with it.
This is an Organization, so there will be promotions and demotions, and i will give and take raises.
I am moar likely to hire those that i know, and those that are social than those that are not

I will probaly add moar to this over time

I can't believe i forgot to put this in, but I would like this to be part of The Non-Occulto Imperium.

I would like to apply for the Department of Departments or the Department of Housing. I am very good at building houses, and I am a very good leader. I also think you should add a Department of Farming and Gardening, because I am a very good Gardener. I hope you accept this Application. From eDicker

I want to Run and be in the House of Departments and Housing. I mostly want to run them :D

Yup. You can be the leader of the Department of Housing. But I will personally pick out people for the Department of Department. I'll tell ya where to build one of the first houses. Make sure you can build it midievil, and get creative.

Secondary Owner : Hello! Well, one, you stole my lot :D

And I would love to help and organize this and help with all the building, and help out trying to get people in the project to build something as cool as this.

I can help with the Department of Convenience.

Also, well qualified for the Departments of Landscaping and Transportation/Infrastructure.

Bdogg, I'll personally choose from some of my best workers for the secondary owners.

New Info!!!

Salaries - workers will be granted a 100 unc signing bonus and the standard salary is 25 uncs a day. Peeps that run departments will have a standard salary of 30 uncs a day. As stated above, I will give and take raises.

Alrighty then, Ill apply for the Department of Defence and/or Landscaping.

Question: Landscaping would include trees and road?

Sleeping, you can be in charge of Landscaping, and I will have you focus on roads mostly.

Come on down to E3. You're best taking Lapis Lane down to Eagle Bay and you should end up the lot diagonal The School.

I could be in charge of the Department of Defence since Owl got it, or I can be an employee to Owl's department. :)

You can run the department of Defense. It should be easy to continue the pattern of the walls. I'll get you a chest of cobble

Ok, thank you. Coords or location? Im on the server right now.

x -1400

z 800



Owner: ME!
Peeps that run the Departments: Still Choosing, eDicker, Sleeping_Owl, bdogg73 Still Hiring
Civilians: No one. Vacancy!


Department of Departments: ME! Still Choosing
Department of Landscaping: Sleeping_Owl Still Hiring
Department of Defense: bdogg73 Still Hiring
Department of Housing eDicker Still Hiring

<------- Doesn't my face just intimidate you? (In a Dark Evil Voice) It better! O_O

Could I be in the Department of Convenience or landscaping?

You can run the department of convinience.