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The School


Kinda New Info

If you were wondring about the "vacancy" thing, then yes, i will be offering housing to anyone (except for guests) even if you don't work here.

Could you add me to the lot when you get the chance?

King, does that mean we'd be able to build our own little house?

I guess so, but you will be evicted if it does not fit the midievil theme

I might be willing to participate in landscaping and/or defense and/or housing departments, but I don't have the time to be there like all the time. So I guess I could be a part-timer on one or two of the aforementioned categories. And I don't wanna get paid in uncs, it's just plain wrong, just help out. If you wanna give me something else for my trouble, I guess it's ok.

Sorry I haven't been on recently. I got busy and when I came back, Uncovery was going under connection faleurs. I'll get on as soon as I can tommorow morning.

Thanks Este. You can be in housing and landscaping

Important Info
I think we'll stop hiring people, because honestly, we have enough people and we aren't in and any rush to get this finished. But if anyone wants a house they can still rent it out.


As said in the other thread I put out here is some info. No pays until I'm gone. Of you it is voluntarily. This is good because I'll be a bit Moar "in to it" I guess. And we can let these thirty other projects pass by and focus on The School a bit Moar. As for now, I bid you all adieu.

So, It seems eDicker has been banned and i was thinking of moving tippay and getting rid of the Dept. of Convenience. So Tippay will now be the Dept. of Housing unless he wants to be something else, in which ccaasse we wil switch every1 around. In other news i would like to point out that this is third person i did business with that was banned. So i wouldnt be surprised if you all got banned. Lawlz! Well atleast i didnt lose 2000 uncs with the ban ... again.

HELLO! its thy banned one. i have 30k uncs in my bank, that i couldnt give to anyone. :D SUCKS 4 U ALL!

Last I checked, you are the one who is banned :) . Looks like the joke's on you.

King its your desition really but I say instead of having the Dept. of Convinience removed. Kepp it and change what it is. Instead the DOC can be just going around and getting things done that need doing. For example helping with the walls or building houses ect.


Yes but I decided I was done hiring workers. And one of workers getting banned for griefing makes me scared to test my luck further. And obviously DOH is moar important than DOC.

So, jonno just came to look at The School constructively criticized the project. One thing he said is put upsidedown stairs on the houses. We will take his advise and i will fix the first house to demonstrate. So when DOH starts building houses add the stair as i do.