14 thoughts on “First official Uncovery Minecraft Video!

  1. Was wondering what that huge dome on your lot was, great work, loved the huge lava hole the most. Ill be out of town for about 2 weeks, so im excited to see what everyone gets done when i get back (including this if ya plan to make it any more complicated :P).

  2. This was amazing to see thanks for making the video! Ps. I am totaling sneaking into your lot for this :D

  3. Great work dude, amazing. Can’t wait to explore what more awesome things has this world to show me :D

  4. That was a pretty fun video. Love the underwater part!

  5. Wow. Hey Uncovery quick question. Do you follow the rules like us ( your minions ; ) ) or can you use whatever blocks you like in infinite quantities? Because that is a LOT of glass, and I am VERY jealous :)

    By the way, Great job!

    • No, I do not follow the rules. I can spawn all I like and I have tools that make giant cylinders and spheres with a command. I know, sounds like I am lazy. But I spend most of my time on this server with administration stuff. I guess about 70%-80% of my time is not related to building something in-game, but discussing with plugin authors, working on the website, testing updates, answering questions on the blog, forum in-game. So I am happy to have something to speed up my work when I build w/o feeling bad about it.

  6. Crazy! I loved the tree and underwater sections the best, and the reed was a bit of a surprise. The jumps are well done, also. Very creative… even with WorldEdit, it takes a lot of time and effort to get everything working right.

    Excellent job!

  7. Awesome roller coaster Uncovery, Loved the lava tube that was a surprise.

  8. what texture pack are you using? awsome roller coater dude

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