AFK’ing on mob traps & harvesters

Please note that I have re-introduced the automated AFK kick plugin. I noticed some people being AKF at the harvest point of a mob-trap. Doing this is not wanted on this server. Either you are here to participate in the community, or you log out. We do not need people to slow down the server just to be AFK. If i catch someone being non-responsive at the harvest-point of a automated system, they are likely to be demoted or banned.

[Update]There seems to be an understanding point or some magic that disables people to read in the above paragraph. Let me explain again for those who asked the questions below about if it is OK to be chatting while harvesting from a mob trap: It says AFK which means “AWAY from KEYBOARD”. Which should be hard to be if you are chatting. Also, in the last sentence I stated, for the risk of someone not knowing what AFK means, “being non-responsive”. I am not sure what more I can explain about this. Where can you still read that “Chatting” is the same as AFK or “being non-responsive”? The Plugin works along these lines.

Unless, of course you chat in a different game, or with your mom which is standing behind you. Then, you risk a kick anyhow.[/Update]


9 thoughts on “AFK’ing on mob traps & harvesters

  1. Does it detect if you are chatting? because what if i wanted to sit a harvest point but be there and talk?

    • So lemme get this straight you are just going to sit there and talk. Honestly i think a mob trap is just that a trap and nothing more. If Lord Uncovery does a roll call and you do not respond within a allocated time you would be kicked manually and action may or may not be taken.

      If you are away from keyboard and not doing anything for the allocated time you would be automatically kicked

  2. Well… I will say goodbye now. :( I am likely a culprit of the AFK issue. I have 4 boys between 9 and 14 and am often called away from the house at a moment’s notice while I’m up getting a drink or talking to the wife. I’d like to say I logout when I know I’m going to be afk for more than a couple minutes, but it’s happened more than once that I’ve been in the middle of mining and had to take off after something urgent (Today, it was an angry moose at my kids’ school threatening ppl. Yes, I’m serious).

    I don’t expect any special treatment, though I do often have my Eclipse and web-browser running while trying to work on some plugin coding, also. That’s not often when I’m logged in, though.

    • you seem to not understand. The issue is not about being AFK. The AFK kick might kick you out and that’s OK with me and hopefully with you. You can log in anytime, and there is no problem. I only have a problem with people being logged in for hours on end specifically for harvesting stuff. Anyhow with the AFK kick, the chance is low that I catch someone AFK for hours for harvesting, since the plugin will have kicked them (hopefully) already.

        • No no… it’s meeses… Like, I hate meeses to pieces! :)

          But Moosi… or Moose-eye sounds like a cool name for a drink. I have a couple crappy phone pictures of the mad moose, too. :D She was sort of trapped inside the school fence and running around confused (very bad thing). She wasn’t very big, maybe 5.5 ft at the shoulder, but that’s probably about 1.5 tons of muscle. Ouch.

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