The issue with shops

Here a little brainstorm about the shops:

Options we have:

  1. A Global shop that can be used from anywhere?
  2. Local shops per-user
  3. A Barter system where people work via the trade-channel to offer or ask for goods

There are several advantages and disadvantages. Here are about the global shop

Global Shop

  • [NEG] Impossible to limit what people can sell. There is a risk that people become rich by selling EVERYTHING they can from the public area or from harvesters. Prices can be set to low, this will be a huge problem
  • [NEG] Spawn area will loose importance as a community gathering point
  • [POS] Easy to setup
  • [POS] Easy to determine prices
  • [NEG] Complex to setup dynamic prices. There is a plugin for a dynamic market, but it’s complicated

Local Shop

  • [POS] Goes along with supply and demand
  • [POS] Physical Mall at spawn possible
  • [NEG] One shop per lot is laggy and pushes some people to far-away spots
  • [NEG] On-Demand shops are hard to clear if un-used, shop shortage is likely. A Shop-Admin user group might be required

Barter System

  • [POS] No setup required
  • [POS] People can barter with goods AND money
  • [NEG] Risk for cheaters to steal goods w/o paying
  • [NEG] Required people to be online for trading

What do you think? What is the best way to have a working economy on the server?


19 thoughts on “The issue with shops

  1. for the barter system make it, if a person like the last one to be banned do not follow through with there deal they can be reported on the site and potenially banned according to the almighty, barter system will always be there so nothing much there except if trolling banhammer

    for the local system a nomination for the spot one person so on the first floor i want the first spot doing something like protected area, must apply and vip and arch… should get first dibs [mainly due to earlier start]

    global shop is a no-no in my opinion just avoid it, however one managed by uncovery only where prices are at a premium may be good, you buy items for value – x and +x for selling items to people this can be good for some items like birch wood and etc

  2. The Global shop appeals to me, but the negatives are just too great, I’m with OSF on that one.

    Local shop would be my choice, as long as we don’t get the same problem we have now (People like me being stuck on the seventh floor back row, while there are 20+ spots free on the main floor)

    • I think a global shop done only by uncovery that buys items cheap as chips and sells with a premium with items not avaliable in game or hard to get due to updates like birch trees are impossible to regrow so them and stuff like that in a global shop would be good

      • Yeah, I’d love that. I’d love to finally get my hands on birch trees or red flowers.

  3. I agree with the rest local shops seems the best option for now, perhaps in a future other options might be considered. Besides we will always have the barter sistem to back up.

  4. I would prefer Local Shops, I Like the Spawn as a local community center.

  5. I agree with OSF on the global shops so we xan get stuff we can not get inthe game. Then i also agree with akymma with the local shop first.

    Heres my opinion- i say first establish a local shop system that way we can at least sell goods as long as we dont have the same problem as of now getting stuck in the back like me. Then maybe as this progresses. Uncovery can work on a global system and perfect it to where there should be no problems. Then we can incorporate this as the main market and close local shops. Therefor if this system fails we always have the local and barter system to fall back on.

    This should improve economy and get us out of aa economic crisis. And as for uncs maybe uncovery resets them and hands everyone a equal amount of uncs. That way it is fair and no problems.

    :) hope you like my ideas. Keep up the good work unc

  6. I hate the mall- Im also on the 7th floor, somewhere in the back.. Give me a Global Shop amd I’m happy ;)

  7. So, as we discussed earlier, I prefer the idea of local shops. Some of the specifics that we hashed out were:

    – Purchase price to rent the shop for a limited time (e.g. 4days or one week) with a 24 hr. grace period to remove excess items.
    – Localized, but not excessive amount of shops so it is easy to find.

    Should keep the spawn important other than death, will keep the number of shops manageable.

    Any help you need testing, I should be available. Feel free to email me, as well.

    • problem is the mall causes lag around spawn maybe a separate lot with a warp gate at spawn

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