Hacking Precautions

I have read some reports that a group of hackers goes around servers and spawns items in masses that crash servers and do other serious mayhem. Apparently they are using some code injection that cannot be prevented by the protection plugins.

In order to pre-empt any more serious damage, I switched the reboot & backup cycle from every 12 hours to every 6 hours. So if something strange if going on, please notify me immediately. I will then try to fix the server and if that is not possible I will reset to the last backup. If this causes you to loose anything, please remember, there are no refunds.

6 thoughts on “Hacking Precautions

  1. Thank you for being on the watch, Unc. I hadn’t seen any of this but it’s good to know you’re keeping your eye out for us.

  2. Thanks for keeping an eye on hackers. I don’t want this great server to be hacked and go bad.

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