Darklands update

Finally, the issue that is preventing me from opening the darklands is an official bug and therefore has a chance to be fixed. This does not mean however that this can happen within the next 24 hours. The bug first has to be fixed, then we have to wait for the next recommended build to be released, then for the plugins to be updated to work with that release. That can take a week or two.

So what can we do in the meantime? I do not want to open the gate to prevent people from complaining that they did not see a sign or something and died. So I made a command that you only read here after you read the warning.

If you go into the darklands, you will generate a chunkfail. You might be caught in limbo and fall forever without dying. You have to relogin to die and then you loose your stuff. So to get out of the chunkfail you have to try to be quick and move towards the closest visible block next to you. If you do not manage that. Then you can go there and have fun. So to get there you need to use a warp-point called “darklands” and the command to warp is /warp <warppoint> (leave the <> away of course).

So if you get in there, have fun. If you die in there, don’t complain. There is a save-zone around the spawn tower marked with a wall. The save-zone extends around the wall for a couple of blocks. Do not complain about griefers in that world.

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  1. I think that area is still within his lot, since I heard ghasts over there. XD (his corner lot)

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