The issue with Peasants and the public area

I am having trouble to get a working system with settlers and the public area going. Why? I mean the public area to be a place where people can mine, build and play around for a while before they need to go and read tons of rules about lots etc. I also wanted people to be able to go and mine for basics to get alive to their lot the first time.

You remember as it was before, we had a public area that was plundered, griefed and generally looked terrible. I could reset it, but regenerating a area larger than 100×100 is causing trouble technically. In the extreme case it will cause chunk fails outside the regenerated area. Also we started building the city, so the logical thing was to create a place that would regen itself.

So I created the temporary world, which is deleted once a week. This works fine, except that now some people stay peasant and work together with others settlers as miners on lots where they have permission. They basically use the temp world as a easy version of the darklands and abuse the system. It might also be that some people connect with 2 accounts from the same PC, one settler, one peasant to ease mining.

So the most probable solution is this here:

  • remove the peasant status. give guests a kit they can get for walking around (minmal armor, stone sword, wooden sword) since they cannot get that otherwise
  • remove the temp world completely
  • integrate the questionnaires for guests and settlers into one


  • generally disallow peasants to build in the normal world
  • keep the temporary map so they can mine there instead of using kits

Solutions that DO NOT WORK:

  • time-limit the peasant status (this requires annoying programming work, databases etc etc)
  • regularly automatically regenerate a small area (if the chunk is not loaded, I get the above mentioned chunkfails)

Your opinion is requested here. I am not sure which one is the better solution or if there are alternatives.

16 thoughts on “The issue with Peasants and the public area

  1. I think it would be good idea to disallow peasents from building in the normal world.
    It would basically force them to apply for a lot.

  2. It would seem that we’re moving to a more private and less playful configuration either way. I don’t have a problem with that, and if we keep peasants (as a class) they could still help out on ppl’s lots. I don’t see any reason to redo the whole system unless it makes a lot less work for you, Uncovery.

    • In addition, it might be helpful to allow VIPs to invite n00b peasants to help build in a small area near pub for short periods. Not a biggy, just a thought. It would allow us to keep an eye on things and not need Unc to be there all the time and worry about that stuff.

  3. I think as Uncovery welcomes more and more guests every day, I would support the idea of getting rid of the temporary map. Give them a simple kit for when they spawn in for the first time, and grant them permission only to the public area. But considering the public area is slowly getting smaller (City!), why do they need a kit? Then again, a guest honestly has little/no reason to build in the first place.

    I believe guests should have rights to build in public area, be given kits, and should be encouraged to apply for a lot after they join.

  4. I like the kit idea, and disallowing peasants to build

    Maybe designate a corner to the public just for the peasants.

  5. I would love to have the ability to heal and/or slap people. This would solve several problems. it would not be a good idea to go into them.

  6. I think removing the peasant status and giving guests a kit would be a good idea.

  7. I like the idea of giving beginners kits, and removing the peasant rank altogether.

  8. ” – generally disallow peasants to build in the normal world
    – keep the temporary map so they can mine there instead of using kits”

    I like this option. It solves your concerns with the least amount of upset.

  9. Heres an idea ~ how about make it so that you cannot take things out of the temp map (aka the only way out is to die) + give peasants a small kit (at least the wooden sword to look for lots)
    This would disallow any abuse of the temp map but may make the temp map somewhat useless. Either that or letting only settlers or up build and giving kits to guests/peasants. Its easy enough to get a lot ~ theres no reason peasants should be allowed to go about building without one for long periods of time. If the quiz stops them why do we still want them?

    • I like this idea, but OSF has a valid point. What if they are simply “visiting?” Then why do they need Peasant rank? Hm.

  10. I agree Pluto. I think Guests and peasants should be one class. They would be able to tour the server, checking out all of the cool things. Like Pluto said, they start off with a wooden sword to look around. If they like the server, then they apply for a lot. If they don’t, they will leave. Its as easy as that. You don’t really need a temp. map for peasants, because they should just apply for a lot, get settler rank, and then they are able to travel the DL, and their lot for supplies.

    • disagree. If someone wants to see the server then guest is perfect. Peasant is a mid rank

  11. i like the kit idea. it gives the peasant time to explore and decide if he likes the server. the kit helps them defend themselves so they dont have to keep dying and starting from spawn again.

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