1.6 temporary map is up! [Update]

There is a temporary map up at port 25565. The map is TEMPORARY. It will be deleted after we upgrade the main maps to 1.6. The only protection that map offers is the whitelist. Otherwise it’s vanilla 1.6

[Update] WARNING: Notch only realized some time on Saturday 28th how sever the bugs in 1.6.4 are. The plugin community refuses to work on updates until there will be a more stable version of 1.6 out. Several of the new added features CRASH the server and/or the client. Since the temp server here at uncovery.net does not run in the same sophisticated backup/restart/protection environment, it is highly likely that the 1.6 server will have extended down times after crashes. I therefore strongly recommend NOT to update or to downgrade until a more stable version is available. [/Update]

Once the plugins are coming out I will test them there. Backups of the main server should work now during this time.

On another note, the mapper is broken. The lots are shown correctly, but the underlying image is not being updated. I contacted the mapper software author to find out how to fix that. Found a solution and fixed the mapper. Current map now online. Updated daily as usual.