City accomplishments

We have the following things done in the city:

  • The redstone ministry is done. Please take a look. There is still tons of space free on the upper floors, so if you can think of an interesting redstone setup to be demonstrated, please post a comment.
  • We have a new street-intersection train station. Since we cannot place whole buildings with huge stations in them everywhere, this will come in handy. It also allows for a smoother ride. There are buttons to go up and down
  • We transported Plutomasters cathedral to the city and made a decorative wall around it. The wall can be also entered. We are planning a sewer access once we have a good format for the sewers
  • We have a spleef & PvP arena now for everyone to use. The old PvP arena was removed. The gate to the PvP lot is also in the new arena.
  • The next contest will most likely be a suburbia-contest. Take a 20×20 space, and build 2-4 smaller buildings on it. Max height 40 blocks. Can be residential, commercial etc, cafe’s, burger joints, whatever. Formal announcement once the skyscraper contest is finished.

9 thoughts on “City accomplishments

  1. This is awesome! I can’t wait for the new contest! Good thinking, and good job ;D

  2. I saw the cathedral in the city, it looks great! Can’t wait for the next contest, I love the idea.

  3. Everything is coming along very nicely. Its looking really great! :D

  4. The city is looking very nice.

    I’m going to try to get into the next contest! It sounds like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what people come up with.

  5. That suburbia contest sounds great! I would love to build something for that, looking forward to it!

  6. Ooooo a small building contest? >:D I love the sound of this one!

  7. I look forward to taking part.

    Uncovery, if you want to remove my train station and put it back on my lot, I’ll reuse those materials to build my next city building.

    Almost home to the other side of the country.

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