Street names!

Since the city is getting larger and larger and therefore also more confusing, I followed the advice from Riedi to install street names. We decided to name all the north-south leading streets “1st Street West”, “2nd Street East” etc. with the center at the eiffel tower (and east-west coordinate 0). The street signs are already installed at every corner of the city.

The East-West facing streets will be named preferably after VIPs where a building from them is located. So as a start, the street between the cathedral and the Conservatory (both built by Plutomaster) is called “Pluto Lane”. More streets will be named and signs attached in the coming days!

11 thoughts on “Street names!

  1. hehe i can just imagine this.
    Here are some street names i just thought of :P
    -Sockso street
    -Bruhn16 boulevard
    -Osf avenue
    -Daiyamondo Drive
    -Hiosa Highway
    -Toktorril trail
    -Uncovery avenue
    -Plutomaster pass(if you don’t like the original name)

    These are just some suggestions i thought i would share.

    • Uncovery is not a V.I.P and also remember riedi and others that we have forgot. E.g. Micko888 slums

      • I know unc isn’t a vip. But considering he is the owner of the city, I thought it would be appropriate.

        p.s hehehe micko slums (:

    • Hey pine,

      Who is this HCP guy?, I have being on this server for many an age and never heard of a HCP.

      • He’s probobly just some new guy.
        Never heard of him before (:

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