Server upgrade! NEW WORLD! [Update]


I have just upgraded the server. The only changed plugin is the one that makes the gates. Since the old one was abandoned, I switched to a new one. You should not feel any change. This plugin also defines the different worlds and now also the border for the normal world. If you live on the outer border of the world and it has changed for you, please tell me.

Anyhow if anything changed or does not work, please tell me!

New world! Skylands!

We have a new world, the skylands!

This is an early announcement. Not everything is 100% setup yet. Please be patient.

You will be able to reach it from a portal on the roof of the central administration building. This world consists of islands floating in the air. This world is also split into lots, but 200 x 200 sized to accommodate the fact that there is not that much surface per lot. Also only citizens, architects and VIPs are allowed to reserve a lot or build in this world. Otherwise the settings and commands are identical with the normal world.

Since the islands are not connected, it is currently impossible to reach lots since they are protected: You cannot build yourself a bridge to cross lots. I am about to build a transit railway in that world. I also still have to write the reservation mechanic for that world. In the meantime, you can ask me to reserve lots for you manually. [Update] There is a form now in the Server access menu where you can reserve a lot![/Update] Please have patience though while I am exploring the whole map and building the railway. There is 2D map and a 3D map available.

20 thoughts on “Server upgrade! NEW WORLD! [Update]

  1. That looks/sounds extremely cool. Can’t wait to take a look!

  2. Omg, I just played a home-made world called Skylands yesterday…. O.O

  3. uncovery, i’m not sure where to apply for lots, but I would like to apply for sky-A1 if you deem me worthy :D

  4. uncovery thanks for working on putting this into the server :) i have seen that people already have their names on the map so if you can reserve e10 thatd be great :)

  5. can you reserve sky e10 for me please :)

    also for those who do not know if someone already asked for the lot they wanted on this post press “crtl f”

    i found the hard way someone already asked for the lot i wanted :(

  6. i would like to apply for g-12 in skyland if possible :P

  7. I Fell to my death! I LOVE IT!!! :D :D :D

    (I know, no refunds. None expected. :) But did it have to accuse me of using a fly mod?)

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