Skyland Railway finished! … sort off.

I have just now finished to build the skylands railway. This is how this works:

  • Unless you live on lots that end in 11, take the north/south rail until you reach the lots with your number. Then take the east-west rail until you reach your letter
  • If you live on a lot ending with 11, you can directly take the east-west railway at the gate.
  • Since I copy-pasted the east-west rail in one single piece, I have not traveled on most of them. This means that there can be holes, lava & water spills etc. Please be careful when you travel, there is no insurance! The copy-paste is not 100% reliable, so it has to be checked.
  • Since I am quite busy recently, I do not have the time to fix the railway in case there is something broken. Lot owners are responsible for the railway on their lot to be functional and free of lava & water.
  • Lot owners can remove fences, add platforms etc. Do not change the position of your station or build deviations that would lead commuters away from the normal track.