Some more interesting statistics

I have programed some new statistics that show the status of the server in some more figures. Here is the most important stuff.

  • We have 3.6k people who did the whitelist test.
  • 2k+ of those people (60% of registered) logged in on the server, Those who never logged in might be spam accounts, but they still did the whitelist. No idea yet what happened there. This surely deserves more investigation to find out why we are losing 40% of all users after the whitelist.
  • 1109 users, 50% of those who logged in, are still guests and never became settlers. Some of them might have given up on the settler quiz, others came just to look around.
  • We still have 623 lot occupants, so they have been online in the last 60 days, this means that almost 28% of all users that ever seen the inside of this server still are around! I think this is quite amazing!
  • 40% of all logged in peopleĀ  ‘only’ made it to settler level, 57% of them are still active
  • 154 made stayed here for more than 2 months and became citizen, around 7% of those who logged in.
  • We have 54 days in average online time per user. This is distorted of course by recent joiners and people who are here since 600+ days.

See the full statistics here.

6 thoughts on “Some more interesting statistics

  1. 1109 users couldnt take the time to read the website, which is where all the answers are :/

  2. I may know the answer about the whitelist problem. I know this happened to me and at least 2 other users (one of which left after being whitelisted) is that we never received an email afterwards with password. Many people may have gotten tired of waiting for the email. Or these are just spam accounts :D

  3. maybe they just were so lazy they didn’t want to search around to find the answers to the settler quiz so they just went off and found a different server

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